Badbad from Boston - Day 1

There are a few things every person vouches that they cant/wont do. For me it was 'being alone'. Those who know me also know how much i love to talk. I have always been a people's person. If this sounds a little dramatic then lets say that i had/have dependency on a lot of people around me to feel good. I had always maintained in the past that i could have never stayed alone but now i do for past couple of months and though i miss Devina - my ex-roomie, i havent found staying alone as traumatic as i always imagined it to be in the past. It has its pros and cons like everything else. I had fantasized about living a carefree bachelor life while i was back in Bombay and that is now checked off my list of Things To Do.

So after staying alone, the next obvious To Do was to travel alone. So here i am, in the City Of Commerce, City Of Colleges, city thats very very similar to my hometown Bombay - Boston! you would ask why Boston!

- I had heard a lot about this city from a friend and had planned to visit it someday. The day is now here :)
- It houses my broken dream - MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - back in Bombay, i had tried my bit to see if i could join. I couldnt. 
- Harvard - Need i say more!
- This is one of the fewest US cities where you can get around without having to have a car at your disposal. They have amazing Metros available known as 'T' and if you are a little on splurging side, you have Cabs...all you have to do is hail! A weekly pass that works for buses as well as for Metro cost you 15 bucks! not bad by the Boston standards!! its an expensive city. 

I did plan early and booked all the tickets well in advance but i am still clueless about where to go and how to go. So tomorrow morning, over the free breakfast at my Hotel's restaurant, i need to browse through stuff and  plan what i should have planned before the touchdown :( 

So far the trip has been fun! *touchwood* 
- My first flight from Dallas Fort worth International Airport was dot on time! My shuttle arrived just in time. i did not have a window seat on my boarding pass and that got me down! i love window seats on the planes :(( but as soon as i boarded, the girl occupying the window seat asked me if i could trade my isle seat with her, she had a connecting flight from Chicago and her connection time was just 11 minutes!!! i gladly did and wished her best of luck. O'Hare International Airport is world's busiest and getting from concourse A to B by their skylinks itself takes more than 10 minutes. 
- Next to me was the cutest American guy i have ever met. He had green eyes and was reading 'The Classical World'. A guy who loves to read - thats my perfect man! We did exchange smiles over my Coke and his wine but didnt talk *sigh*.
- My connection time was only 30 minutes to catch the next flight to The Logan International Airport, Boston and i was stuck in the plane for more than 10 minutes. While i was generously wishing the other '11 minutes' girl best of luck, i hadnt seen me needing that as well. but guess what! my next flight was an hour delayed for 'Air Traffic Control' reasons so i had enough time to run to the Duty Free shops to buy a 'Chicago' fridge magnet (yes i am crazy for them! i buy atleast 5-6 at every new place i visit) and get my Chai Tea Latte and have it calmly while reading on my Nook! I got good time observing people around me. I love airports!!! i enjoy the hustle bustle. For me an airport can never be boring, doesnt matter how delayed my flight is. There is so much you can observe....! 
- One of the confirmations fell through and i got the window seat yet again! talk about being too much lucky on one day! and yet again i had an American as my fellow passenger. and while he was a married man (i have turned American in this one aspect - when i like a guy, my eyes automatically scan his ring finger ;)), he was extremely handsome! if i were the on duty air hostess, i would have upgraded him to first class, all for his looks! (may be thats why i am not!) 
- First thing that hit me hard in Boston was the COLD! its 1 degree Celsius outside and will drop further during the early hours of morning! i was well packed from head to toe. My hotel shuttle arrived just in time to get me to my Hotel. 
- My room looks fabulous! i did pay a little more to have a good 4 star hotel, close to airport etc etc cause i couldnt stay alone at a shoddy place and this hotel is worth every penny!! The lobby and the room, every tiny place is warmly lit, its not flashy. its cozy.. and they have a real fireplace and candles burning near the reception, yielding it a festive glow... loved it!!! 

All in all a good, hasslefree day! I am in new time zone and my body is still adjusted to my CST time. so i still have time to do some reading, watching TV etc. yieppe!!! 

I know that my family and my well wishing friends are worried for me and may have thought this decision of touring alone as 'insane' but none of them have said that. Each one of them have encouraged me and i cant thank them enough for it. Sometimes all you need is courage & excitement and my friends made sure that i had both in plenty :)

Agenda for tomorrow:

- Get up on time (preferably before noon)
- Feast on the complimentary hotel breakfast ;)
- buy Boston Metro Pass 
- The Freedom Trail
- Harvard Square
- Lots of walking
- Fridge Magnet shopping
- Local cuisine tasting
- Lots of photography
- Meeting Tanushree for Dinner (hopefully in Downtown) - my foe turned friend ex colleague (we were 'cutthroat bitches' of our QA training batch in Patni for all the men folk ;))  

 Catch ya tomorrow! for now, my comfy inn's comfy bed is beckoning me! 

Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving!!!
- Himali

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