Bike and Me

It so happens that when i am not in office or in hospital being treated for nth bout of Maleria, i go out with my soul sister Sonali. Soul Sister does not make us Siamese twin..we are quite different when it comes to Bikes... yes. She loves bikes...and can ride one too...
i am scared of bikes ("what thing are you not scared of?" is Sonali's well justified retort). i have never ridden one ever! i have been a faithful pillion rider to Sonali though but i try and avoid it as the poor soul (her not me) has to handle both, her Activa and Me! My expressions i suppose are the funniest... 'constipated' can not do justice to how i look when i am sitting behind her, clutching her shoulders till my nails dug in and she goes ouch ouch ouch like a horn.
i wonder why my friends (girls) go ga ga over their boyfriend's bike? One told me once that its very 'romantic'. there is no possibility of me feeling romantic with Sonali but even if i imagine Robert Pattinson in Sonali's place and me not necessarily clutching his shoulders (ok i do see people enjoying bike ride on streets so i have an idea)...still i can not fathom how people enjoy it!
i would be too worried about slipping off the pillion or handling my astray hair from forming a black film over my face or the rider's to enjoy 'Robert Pattinson'.
Sonali says practice makes a man i will try and get as many rides from her as i can in future...i need to know how and why people enjoy bike rides when you are zooming with astronomical (ok alright...not really astronomical) speed...dust, polythin bags, hay and everything that can fly with whooshing wind plasters itself on your face and you go blind...

one more thing i dont understand is Pulsar's caption... "Definitely Male" the point..
i asked sonali the same and she counted off Pulsar's qualities...(i cant list them here cause they are alien to me) i still wondered what kind of male would need pulsar to prove that he is 'definitely' male?? any doubt there guys? ;)

so this was my bike puran..dont think its my kinda toy...

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  1. Hahaha... Well, its true that you do look more than constipated on the bike, but you are learning... at least to be a good pillion. And I am all game to take you for as many rides as needed to get you rid of the fear :)
    I hope you will some day enjoy one such romantic bike ride, may be with a Trambo look alike :P I bet you'll enjoy it ... even if he is no Robert Pattinson :P