On The Way....

Today i am sporting a new hair cut... paid a bomb and it all looks the same.. :(

Today all my facial skin tissues are cursing me for all the scrubbing, pinching, massaging, pulling that i subjected them to in a beauty parlour.. :(

Today i checked for my clearance thinking miracles do exists, by that atleast some people in Patni must have worked worth the penny they are getting paid for but no suck luck... out of 21, i see only 5 clearances actually done. Rest are all pending and that means i can not take a day off to calm my fraying nerves before i get onto the plane :(

Today i checked all my lists, texts, sub lists, sub texts, shopping list and realized that the allowed baggage limit is inversely proportional to the rate with which i have shopped.

Today i checked all my Invoices, Bills Paid, credit card bills, Remittance advices from bank ATMs etc and realized i have almost blown up my entire 'Performance Bonus' which wasnt much to begin with :(

Today my throat is jammed and everytime i open my mouth either to speak or to eat, it pains me some more..i cant complain.. i have gulped down too many chilled bottles of Slice and have been yelling at top of my voice in my office..it had to happen..

Today i went to Big Bazaar tad too early and had to eat breakfast at McD which wasnt too good for my taste...i dont fancy eating Paneer or Chicken at the start of the day... couldnt 'hang out' outside cause of Sun and mall was closed! no wonder India loses so much business every damn day.. (They actually have a small pep talk at the beginning of the day for all their sales staff over their paging system at Big Bazaar....management actually wished Happy Selling to all its counter staff... kinda cool... Patni should implement it too... Happy Client Fooling.. wow that would be fun...)

Today i went in for a rather late lunch and hotel offered us 'only snacks' so at 3.30 PM, i ate Pizza - 7 Jewels (i asked them to minus one Jewel - Mushrooms...not quite fond of them) and Vegetable pakoda etc etc instead of proper lunch...

so many bad things to happen or rather such an average day today... *yawn*


When i went to the shoe section in Big Bazaar, i saw a Buy One Get One Free offer and i hurrayed in my mind and even jumped. My budget allowed me only one but i was going to get another free free free for the same cost.. yieppe... so i saw these handsome ballet shoes in copper brown color with the customery bow on the top of the lining...loved them so bought them and then got a simple pair of shoe for the flight absolutely free... there isnt even trace of heel to them... being a stilettoes fan i hate to admit this but these flats are so comfortable..

Just some time back i was sitting in McD wondering what to order...and i got this awesome coffee to redeem the Paneer on the menu. It relaxed my aching throat so much... had another refill and drank...
my throat felt so bloody good... also repriminded my Hypochondriac mind that it cant be 'a tumor of the wind pipe pressing onto my throat' such complex disease would not pay heed to steaming coffee..hurray..i am healthy for the moment...

Dad loved the Hashbrown MacD sold so got him one more..
saw to my heart's content my dad throwing caushion to wind about diabetis and digging into Hashbrown thats nothing but Aloo-Mash fried deep golden brown...
Got him one more... afterall i wont be seeing him eating like this for a very very long time now... :(
My early arrival got me these precious little moments with my dad that i would miss very sourly...

and then i met Mahi and Priti... they came up all the way from Puna to see me off.... they started their bickering the moment they set their feet on Bombay grounds but i love this couple...
they were fighting but their arms were linked together... quite adorable in a very non sickeningly sweet way...
They wanted to go to Siddhivinayak temple so i got one more chance... somehow got the darshan without much shoves and punches... felt so good..

Joined us few hours later were Deepti and Pankaj...
Deepti had given up on her important appointment with her Internetwala...
and Pankaj had given up on joining one of his relative's pre wedding customs..
God! i felt so good... but we are not so formal around each other so that i could say thanks...
hope they understood that i felt indebted for their visit and their well wishes for my career, my life and my onsite...
I love these friends of mine who with such simple and thoughful gesture made me felt so good that i dont have words to describe how overwhelmed i still am...
i may not have friends who would sing praises for me...but they surely would miss me when i am away..

Thank you guys!!! These moments today, i will cherish forever... and whenever i come back, we shall again have such good times together... and this time we would follow the schedule and go for actual lunch... :)



  1. All the best ! Meeting friends is always wonderful ! and McD experience is going to be different in US :) I am not sure if you will like it!!

  2. All the Best Himali.
    Hope for the best and return with some good news.

  3. I hope for some 'good news' too Himali...;)

  4. @ Aparna - i am sure there are going to be lot of things which i wont like... you have to pay price for being picky.. :)

  5. @Lakshmi & Sonali,
    Guys can you please elaborate what you exactly meant by Good News? ;)

  6. Hey girl.. Start writing abt the new place :)