To set the record 'Straight' ;)

As the title suggests this is just to set the record straight.
i do NOT judge people based on who they sleep with. I am NOT homophoebic. I have NO objection with a man liking another man or a woman liking another woman 'That Way'. which way? who cares!! as long as the involved parties are ok with it, noone has any business of questioning them including me.

What i was trying to state today in much heated (and later laughed about) debate is that i do not see myself loving another woman 'That Way'. I prefer men...err man..Ok..alright. To make it even more specific lets say that i like men with enterprising and industrious mind. Someone who has sharp wit & terrific sense of humor to match mine and who is not 'baccha' types or too easily available. so by the virtue of relativity i can assume that i made my orientation pretty 'Straight' ;)

but but but.. thats my life and my decision. what i do not see suitable for  me, i can not hold it against everyone. ( I call Chetan Bhagat Trash...but i dont forbid my friends from buying Three Mistakes of My Life.. yes. I try to influence them not to.. :-P..but i never stop them..) So coming back to the current topic, if a friend of mine prefers a partner of same gender, I wouldnt force them to come out clean (who is clean these days by the way? Date rapes, pre marital sex, extra marital sex, open marriages, one night stands, fuck buddies, friendship with benefits...list can go on some more..) but at the same time i wouldnt be ashamed to call him/her my friend if they decide to break the closet.

If such a couple is committed in their relationship, offering each other support thats much needed given the way society treats them... they are much much better than those i see in malls..roaming around with two different partners (of opposite and prefered by society gender) at two different times.

so those who felt i was on defensive mode during the debate today, this is a public declaration of me being nonjudgemental about anyone's sexual preference in their lives as long as they are dignified about it...

Hope this helps a few people drop some serious (and baseless) charges against me ;)


PS: I know i am going off the track with this one but cant help sharing...
saw a young, newly married Punjabi couple hoarding a tiny changing room in Shopper's Stop with one garment in hand which wont take 10 minutes to be worn and appraised of ( should i make it 5 since appraisee had an extra pair of hands to help and appraiser just by the side? ;))
As with the levels of hormones that must be making them less and less inhibitating, they did not even bother to hide their grand (and urgent if i can guess) entry and giggling exit!!!!!
By the way they generated so much of curiousity and elbow poking, jealousy, once-upon-a-time sighs (amongst the men), giggling (amongst the personal buyers), creases on heads (mine and lot others who were waiting for the room to get vacant (and clean most prolly!!!), i feel India is still far too behind to accept sex with all its normalcy. So those who dont want to come out of their closet because of their so called abnormalities are well justified....

PPS: One sentence for such horny couples.....please for the sake of humanity GET A ROOM!!!! and not the changing room!

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