The US Travelogues - Heart Attack that nearly happened

Hell with them! i am not even going to put a disclaimer for why I am writing a complaining post about US yet again!

Today morning when i opened my Bank Of America online page to see how much i have been slaving here in the foreign land for....i nearly had an heart attack...

This is (a big blah!) a security procedure where they put an account under review for all its incoming and outgoing transactions. (dont think i am smuggler or something. i want to ask why me!)
and then they make Account Balance this haphazard.

Its more like a Stress Test for Heart than a darn security procedure!!!!!!!

They can freeze the account, send a mail to the account holder or call! Give some prior notice to the poor account holder who might have never seen such a huge amount in dollars before (+ve/-ve does not matter!)

I so wanted to sue the BOA (anyways US is the most sue-happy country) but i dont have money even to sue them!

I want to see my account going back to the miniscule size as soon as possible.
Paisewale Bappa sun raha hai na tu! :(

- Himali


  1. Welcome to amrica (ps read it ala sindhi tone)...
    The land of opportunities ha :)

  2. @ Swapnil - if i were a Sindhi, i am sure i would have definately had the heart attack..