The Moment...Live it or Leave it...

The moment. A lot of those come and go. With every breath there is a moment passed.. lived and forgotten.
but there are always a few that take your breath away.. you skip a heartbeat and then it remains etched over in your memory.
Some of them remain so very fresh despite of the years passed that you can recall every single thing about them. The cause, the deed and the aftereffects.

Some of them come with their own triggers. A certain song, a certain scent, a certain word, a certain expression, a certain time...just that one trigger is enough to bring the memories back.. sad they can just conjure memories but not the moment.
that's the thing special about them.. a moment has its uniqueness. it just can not be created all over again.
every moment is as different as a softly falling snowflake. they rest on you for sometime and melt away, never to happen the same way again.

The moment when a mother feels her kid kicking hard inside her for the first time cant be felt by her again even if the kid would be there for some time more and there will be more kicks on her way.
The moment when a mother holds her kid for the first time after birth can hardly be felt again even if she can give birth to another child. that moment is just as different as the kid is.
The moment when a child curls her tiny fingers around her father's finger, this moment is unique for the man even if she would hold his hand in many more walks after that.
The moment when you look into the eyes of your loved one and see them smiling with your reflection swimming in them, the moment is can see those eyes again over the course of time but the magic is in that one moment when it happens when you yearn for it the most.
similarly, when you look into those eyes and see a layer of indecisiveness or doubts or plain rejection, your world comes crashing down with a thud.that moment although painful is unique. There could be other loss but each has its own unique pain that cant be replicated for another moment in loss. It could be so because so many factors contribute to it. The time, the situation, The mood, The presence of someone or the absence, The feelings, The emotions attached. The odds of all of these factors repeating themselves again is so unlikely to happen that it makes each moment like never before or after.

They can give you immense joy. They can make you depressingly sad. They can make you smile a shy smile. They can make you silently frown.They can bring tears in your eyes and lump in your throat.
They can make you want to end your life. sometimes, they can help you survive.

Imagine your life without them or their memories. It would be so colorless cause each of them shine with their own hue. Sometimes its a black of disappointment.Sometimes its the pink of budding romance. Sometimes its a red of passion. Sometimes its the blue of tranquility. Sometimes its a murky brown of confusion.Sometimes its the full rainbow when you are blessed with what you are longing for.

The moment almost every time proves to be a turning point. You may hate a person for years, a small act of thoughtfulness or kindness, a moment when you feel it, changes it all. That one moment forces you to see that person in a whole new light.
You may long for something for years, feel its absence killing you every second but what you feel at the moment when you find it ultimately defines a lot about how you would go on feeling about it whole of your life. It may fill you with immense joy, it may put you off it forever for the sheer waiting you did for it.

Seemingly so tiny, still a moment can contain so many emotions at once. For instance, Bidding goodbye to that one person you loved the most. The acute pain of parting, The hollow of uncertainty that you may never meet again, A hope that your paths will cross once more, The warmth of few parting words that they uttered to you, for you. The helplessness of not being able to prevent it from happening. The finality of it happening against all your wishes. The impotence of words after weeks and weeks of practise, as they refuse to come out of your mouth, The hope against hope that they understand without uttering them and finally the moment, when you see them for the last time before they turn their back on you, may be forever.
Can you feel that moment again in your life? you would rather wish you don't have to.

Sometimes the time is same but situation so different and then the moments change their colors like a chameleon.
One moment, your eyes meet, your knees go weak, The world around you go blurry. Another moment, your eyes meet, you don't find the same warmth, you see the rust of time that passed in between and the world around does go blurry but that because you are blinking the tears back and trying to be strong.
One moment, you both end up singing same tune, you smile and continue. Another moment, the song plays somewhere in the distance, you try to remember the words, you cant, you grimace and continue with whatever you are doing.
One moment, you have it all. Another moment you don't.
One moment, you win a little. Another moment, you lose it all.

No wonder, we live only in moments. The rest in between is when you are waiting for another moment to happen so that you live some more.

so friends, hold these moments close to your heart. They hold much more than what we give them credit for. They are the building blocks of our entire learn to be in the moment. Tune out the world. Switch off your practicality and thoughts and live it cause remember they are unique and priceless. once gone, they are gone forever..


  1. Extremely thoughtful post. Carefully picked up words. This post is something everyone can relate to, can interpret their own ways. And yes, live in the moment and live it the most but remember nothing is forever and don't regret that moment because when you were in that moment you loved it everything about it :)
    Good one Himali :)

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