True Love & The Emotional Fuckwittage

Not a decent name..i am sure..
there is no such word as fuckwittage...i know
but it makes me smile inwardly everytime i hear it...not because it has a naughty undertone that satisfies my feminist ego when i utter it in context of a man but because this one word is more than enough to counter balance sickly sweet concept of true love.

Once upon a time (funny..i am just 24), i believed in the concept of true love. I smiled to myself when i heard hindi romantic eyes looked out of window, caressing the laughing & loving couples swiftly with a kind & amused gaze. I was naive then & hopeful.
i believed in the fairness of it all. You give love & you receive it back tenfold. Go out being a friend & you would find many..blahhh
it never happens that way give love & chances are more that you will be conned..making you a non believer, scarring you for life..
Your friends flock together till your feathers are full of color and uptight...the moment they see them shading & fading, they fade into oblivion as well...
some dont want friend, they want a pet that would bark, lick at their command...a yes to a yes, a no to a no... the whole space where two oppositely opinionated people can live happily without going for each other's neck just doesnt exist.
Your beauty & complexion outscore your qualities. Your loyalty and undying devotion is termed as your weakness... they drag you & you let yourself be!
thats why i say there is emotional fuckwittage emotional person is considered a fool...a novice..
it has to be take take and take all the time and no sight of offering anything.....

so i say that True Love does not exist at all..... what exist is the reason why a certain someone loves you...
if the reason is good & intent is correct, you may call it somewhat true... if the reason not so good & intent it an experience & forget it...

in the world of fuckwittage...thats as far as you can go to find something as elusive & mirage-d as True Love... :(


  1. The whole true love thing is just a hyperbole, people in the days of Shakeshpeare had a lot of time unlike us today. So they created this concept of true love and just like a new gadget, this concept of endless love sold like the new cell phone on the block! Yes, its true that emotional people are perceived as weak and foolish but these are the people in whose shoes the strong and practical world doesn't ever want to be in. Not because people use them as door mats but because they are too scared to let go of themselves and feel the helplessness and hopelessness that love has to offer.
    Himali,I should be the last one to preach this but yes, it is also important to do a reality check before you take the plunge. Besides, who has defined true love... what qualifies true love? No one knows...
    Lets not be so pessimistic about the whole world... love can be found in various forms... in various age groups... it just takes time to show its true color... dont be so judgemental ... take your time :)
    God bless you :)

  2. May God bless you too...atleast for reading my ramblings so patiently.. :)