Power - An absolute turn on!

Yes. I wonder sometimes if power is just as a big turn on for others as it is to me? may be not!
i see a lot of people who are scared of power...of others and of their own.
i see people intimidated of power...not meeting their eyes when power stares at them...they stutter..they mumble..
i see people bowing to power...surrendering themselves & their weapons even before the power is used against them...
Power is just as powerful as a person perceives it be so for some people it means everything and for some nothing...some are so acutely aware of it & some absolutely wary.
to each his own...but for me, its little different.. i am neither scared nor intimidated... i am neither acutely aware of it nor i am wary of it...
i in fact love to stare deeply into the eyes of power...trying to gauge where it stems from...not every tom dick and harry can boast of power...then those who can, what is it in them that the power befriends them without making them power hungry or trigger happy...!
power when wielded correctly can show astounding results...its like watching fireworks against a dark sky...your eyes widen even without you realizing it...

so if i am not scared, intimated, aware or wary of it, what is it for me?
well, i am attracted to power in much much potent way than i would like to admit...
let me put a disclaimer here before there are hearty chuckles..
when i say power...i mean power acquired by brain & strategy & vision & sheer intelligence..
i dont call Anil Ambani or Mukesh Ambani powerful... they are good managers though...they managed well what their father left for them... with a staffing of best lawyers, MBAs, Engineers, Strategist, its not as big as we think.... their father, Dhirubhai Ambani.. now thats a very powerful man... to start off as a Petrol Pump attendant to one day build a multi-billion empire..thats the power that i am attracted to.
some would say its more intelligence than the power but then intelligence that does you no good is as useless as Petrol with no car. Your intelligence should drive you...it should get you power of changing things around in good way..(or bad..depends on person to person)

Observe a powerful personality ( i mean it without gender bias) if you can. They have a swagger to their walk, they have an aura around them when power is acquired & not inherited. They have a wariness, arrogant air around them that they know how to control to their benefit.
Confidence radiates from their entire being, rendering them a glory that lingers well after they have left the room...they can be as black as coal or as pale as ice, their features can be as nondescript as any stranger you stumble in on road...but their power can show you the stark handsomeness that's stimulating for an equally sharp & receptive mind.

This power coupled with responsible nature is an absolute delight. When you know your power can make or break & you use it to make things rather than shred them....it adds to your karma.. you shine some more... an unseen jewel at top of your head...
one more thing that makes such people irresistible is their ability to keep it low... their power exudes nonetheless but its subtle in its form & strong in its impact... it hits you not in your face but in your brains... Real Powerful people never show it off...in that case, you can pass them by as any other person you meet & forget in the course of your life cause they know real power does not need PR, it does not need a bare all attitude, it does not need to be proven to everyone, it need not be paraded....some of the most powerful men & women that i have come across are as down to earth as its humanly possible while maintaining your dignity. thats a power in itself...power on your power...power of control... so that the whip you use to keep it under control never backlashes on you... that the power you command never turns back on you...

Such people who understand flirtatious nature of Power make others comfortable...they do not take pride in making others flinch...they are not (normally) sadist. They down play their power which should not be misinterpreted as no power by someone they are just trying to make comfortable around them. a doubt in their well earned abilities... and the power comes back full throttled. It erupts like a volcano for the person who underestimate its force...such blasphemous thought!

Power has its effects... its the aggression in the thoughts and actions that brims over but is corked within by control gained over the years... It shines for a second unexpectedly in a moment of passion or challenge...just like thunder & shining...it frightens you of course but it makes you wonder as well.

all in all...power has all the ingredients to make me swoon...to sweep me off my feet...to make me bow with respect...to make me want it of my own...

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